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Deep Water Culture – Part 2

Hello, everyone!  If you have been reading and watching my deep water culture updates  on Facebook with this newer Mr. Stacky product, you will know that I love this system. It is so much cleaner than trying to grow plants in soil indoors.

What I also like about the system is that the plant nests can be moved around.  This can help you move smaller plants that may be overshadowed by something else or simply allow you to make a prettier plant display. Since I’m using two deep water culture growing containers and an additional nursery for seedlings at times, I have the advantage of moving plants around for maximum light and viewing. Thus, having more than one deep water culture system can be even more fun!

If you’d like to order your own deep water culture system, visit this page.


Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

ParsleyDo you desire to have fresh herbs all year, but have limited space? Growing herbs indoors can be a fun and delicious experience.  This article will share with you some fabulous indoor garden ideas for your home.

The first thing you need to do in order to plant an indoor garden is think about what you’d like to plant. Make a list of the herbs you commonly use, while also including a few new ones you’d like to try. For example, solid herb selections for Italian dishes are basil, oregano and Italian flat-leafed parsley. If you enjoy making fresh pizza or pasta at home, you will want to have a minimum of these three in your garden.  Thyme and chives can also be worthy additions, as they are also useful in winter soups. Having access to fresh sage for Thanksgiving stuffing may be on your dream list, while the smell of fresh rosemary is something you know will lift your spirits.

Once you have made your list, you need to consider the space needed for your plants and the types of containers you’d like to use.  While old dishpans or other upcycled containers offer affordability, they aren’t always a smart use of space. A stackable garden planter can turn a small place into a productive vertical garden. By planting herbs in several layers, you utilize less space and can grow more plants. Additionally, you may decrease the work needed by having all your plants in one compact area.

You will want to choose a place for your indoor garden that is accessible and has adequate light for most of the day. A favored kitchen window or glass patio door with a lot of sun is a good choice. If you don’t have a sunny location in your home, grow lights can be useful tools.

Thinking of new ideas for your indoor herb garden can be fun. If you’re new to gardening, an herb garden kit can make your selections easier, as the plants and pot have already been selected for you.  If you have any questions about herb gardening, please contact us. We’d love to help you grow.