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What Are The Best Nutrients For Hydroponics?

From testing & studying various brands we believe it is Dyna-gro. The linked article below labeled “What Are The Best Nutrients For Hydroponics?” goes over complete plant nutrition and should give you plenty of information on why we feel this way about Dyna-gro. They have a trade-secret process and is the only nutrient that has figured out how to add all 6 essential macro-nutrients into 1 formula. Macro-Nutrients are required by plants in large amounts. This is why Dyna-gro advertises that they are the only complete formula in 1 bottle because no other nutrient company has been able to figure it out. Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro is complete, simple, and well balanced which is everything we were looking for when recommending to our backyard and commercial growers.

What Are The Best Nutrients For Hydroponics (pdf)


How To Build A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening or gardening in general has never been so fun and easy. I am going to teach you how to build a vertical garden with the Mr Stacky planters plus a few items found at your local hardware store.

Below is a list of item you will need:

1. 6-10 Mr Stacky Stackable Planters
2. 1″ PVC Pipe For 18″ Pots or 3/4″ PVC Pipe For 13″ Pots
3. 1″ PVC Coupling For 18″ Pots or 3/4″ PVC Coupling For 13″ Pots
4. 3/4″ Steel Conduit Pipe 5′ Long for 18″ Pots or 1/2″ Steel Conduit 5′ Long For 13″ Pots
5. Block of wood to put over conduit when hammering.

Step 1: Drive Conduit 2.5′ into ground; Use block of wood over top of conduit when hammering
Step 2: Cut PVC pipe 12-18 inches long & place over conduit
Step 3: Attach coupling to PVC pipe for pots to rest on and rotate
Step 4: Attached next PVC pipe 5′ long to coupling
Step 5: Stack your pots one by one on the pole

Finished! Yes it is that easy. Just Plant and Water The Top now.

Note: For extra support on the 18″ pots you may want to use a 1/2″ conduit and 3/4″ conduit driven into the ground.

Tomatoes Will Hang Down (Right)(2 Large Pots)
Greens (Left) (6 Small Pots)