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LARGE Vegetable Planter 5-Pack

  • Simple: Plant. Stack. Enjoy.
  • Smart: Just Water The Top - All Tiers Below Recieve Water
  • Easy To Maintain: 20 Plant Garden In 1 Location
  • For Homes, Apartments, Greenhouses, Classrooms, Backyards, and Patios
  • Grow Strawberries, Flowers, Herbs, and Vegetables Vertically
  • 5-Pack Soil Volume 64 Quarts - 18" Diameter - 38" Height - Made In USA - Heavy Duty -
  • Includes 5 Large Stacking Planters - Guaranteed To Love

Large Stacking planters that are made to last. These vertical gardening pots are used by Commercial Growers and Universities. Made Of Food Safe High Grade Polypropylene (#5). Material is strong, flexible, and lightweight. Option to Add Center Pipe For Added Support or DIY Vertical Garden Project. Drainage holes included for top down drainage and watering. Maximum recommended height with support pipe is 10. See what other gardeners are doing on the Mr Stacky Facebook page or typing in #mrstacky. Thank you very much for your business!

8.00 lbs
Product Dimensions
16" x 16" x 38"
Soil Volume
64 Quarts
Market price
Our price
$59.95 (Save 33%) (44.96)
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Customer Reviews

We really like this. The colour is more 'cheery red' than terracotta, but it will look nice when filled. We thought it would make a good herb garden, or a stack of different kinds of peppers.

Very nice and practical - Hasmis

This is a great product for my balcony. We just had the balconies redone on our building and putting anything on the railings is forbidden. This is perfect for my herb garden and the drip down feature whereby excess water drips to the next level and if there is anything left out the bottom is great. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Great Product! - Torantogal

I'm growing tomatoes, peppers and green beans in it... and they are doing great!!!

and they are doing great!! - Sheila C.

Fabulous item. Bought 30 of them to make verticle stacks in my greenhouse for strawberry plants. They are easy to put up. I did a little research and looked them up on youtube, which made it easier to get ideas prior to installing. The large 12 qt. ones are very large and made of heavy plastic. These should last for many years with care. The company was nice to deal with and responded to my questions very quickly. After three weeks in a cold greenhouse, the strawberry plants are all up and putting out nice green leaves.

They are easy to put up - Jo S.

For me, being somewhat handicapped, I found the coolest planting system that actually makes gardening fun again! This is the large, Mr. Stacky vertical planter. I put a 1" PVC pipe down the middle of all the layers, laid a small piece of plastic canvas over the drainage holes in each tray, filled with the hydroponic planting mix of coco coir 75-80% and Perlite 25-30"%, rinsed off the dirt from the babies, and placed them all in their new home. The system rests on a garden tray/dolly with wheels and drainage holes. For now, I'm mixing the nutrients into the water and will hand water each day. The water drips through to each layer very nicely, which I was originally concerned about.

I'd be happy to see this system in every Rehab Center and Nursing Home because it provides wonderful Horticultural Therapy. Something to look forward to each day, instead of four walls. This is equally as good for families to enjoy and share the growing garden experience.

Placing it on a dolly makes it possible to move indoors during the winter months with proper grow lights. Incredibly versatile! Imagine a garden giving back all year long. If you plant veggies that drape down, think about putting a tomato cage along side to give them something to climb on. I'm so impressed with this system that I ordered another large one and one smaller unit. I'm loving this system!

Impressive & Super Easy System especially for many Handicapped Folks! - Jennie Link

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