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Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic System

16.5 Gallon Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Indoor growing year round.

Includes: Water Pump with Venturi Air Tube, Large 16.5 Gallon Base Reservoir, Base Lid, Net Pot, Clay Pebbles, and Rockwool Cubes.

Add plant food and water to the base reservoir, plant 1-2 week or older seedlings, and plug in your pump.

Greens and Herbs can do well with minimal light near a window. Anything fruiting will need alternative lighting. CFL's will work just fine and they are inexpensive found at any hardware store. I'd recommend getting a bulb on each end of the Kelvin spectrum. (1) 2700 K and (1) 6500 K. 

The lid has pipe holder that can be used for a trellis or to support lighting if needed. A trip to the hardware store will be needed for this DIY adder.

Deep water culture hydroponics is one of the simplist ways to grow hydroponically and is commercially used. No need to over complicate things but it's fun to constantly learn more about your plant needs and tweak for optimal results.

The larger reservoir prevent you from having to refill so often. Most DWC systems on the market today are 5 gallon ugly black buckets so we stepped it up and created a 16.5 gallon attractive DWC system that you would not want to hide from visitors :).

Let us know how we can help. Our facebook page is a great place to ask questions.



10.00 lbs
Product Dimensions
L:18.5" X W:18.5" X H:16"
Our price
$149.99 (112.49)
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