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5-Tier Strawberry Planter

This strawberry planter holds 20 strawberry plants in limited space. Have strawberries year round indoors or out. Learn how to garden efficiently.

Have a tower of strawberries this spring and show them off to the neighbors!

5.00 lbs
Mr Stacky
Product Dimensions
W:12" L:12" H:28"
Soil Volume
22.5 Quarts/.75 Cu Ft
Market price
Our price
$29.99 (Save 45%) (22.49)
Hunter Green
Tiffany Blue
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Frequently Asked Questions

25 Quarts /// 1/3 bag of potting soil
Yes, the stacked design of the containers will hold moisture for days. The water that drains from the top container will water the ones below.

Customer Reviews

Great service by the seller. The strawberry plants look gorgeous hanging out of the container. Love it!!!

Looks better than the picture! - DrSign

We're in Portland and this planter is on our barbecue deck. So when our neighbors are out there we get a lot of "where did you get that?" questions. Very clever design and the strawberries seem to love it. We're all looking forward to June.

Strawberries :) - Nanomatrix

I planted several varieties of strawberries in mine. All are doing very well. I like that the berries hang over the sides, and thus are less prone to rot and other nastiness. I also have some dwarf basil growing in a section. I could definitely see the benefit of using one as an herb garden.

Obvious choice for strawberries. Would make a fun herb garden too. - Dr. Danger

U can plant anything in these. I have herbs, strawberries(2 differs types) flowers are planted also in the Mr Stacky. Looks very colorful.

Love it. - Pam S.

Great!!! I could place all my orchids here making it easier to water and care them and looks beautiful!!!

Great planter - Mildred Rios

This 5-tiered Stacking Vertical Garden is an interesting design. I purchased two sets to grow strawberries in my greenhouse. The tiered pots are lightweight and well conceived. Planting was effortless. A ¾” PVC pipe inserted through the center hole from top to bottom does add stability to the stack. I am using a drip watering system and watching the tiered pots work is fascinating. Now that I have these I keep thinking of additional uses.

Stacking Vertical Garden Works Well. -Jiski

LOVED the stacking planter and I also LOVED the GMO-free strawberry plants I ordered through Mr. Stacky. The plants arrived in a plastic bag. Two days later I took them out and gave them a brief soaking before planting them. Within one week EVERY ONE OF THEM had grown and had leaves, and one even had a white flower. See the attached photo which shows the plants exactly one week after planting the bare-roots. At this rate we'll have strawberries before the end of the month. AMAZING!

LOVED the stacking planter and I also LOVED the GMO free plants - Lana Franklin

Works wonders keeping my strawberries up off the ground. Have a wonderful crop this year thanks to the mr stacky. I also used some spots for herb. Not recommended for growing top-heavy plants.

Great garden space-saver - KL Metzger-lappe "craftyone"

Bought 2 Mr. Stacky for back patio. They work very well for strawberries, flowers and some other vegetables. We get big storms and wind here on the gulf coast so I got a 1 inch by 36 inch piece of pvc pipe that fits perfectly through the larger middle hole and slid this down the middle of stack. Then used a steel stake 36 inches long, drove it in ground 18 inches and then set the hole stack over the stake for stability. Super sturdy. Now I just sit back and watch my berries grow. Great Product. Will likely get another one..

Joe Christiansen

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