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5 tier Strawberry Tower Planter

This 5 tier strawberry tower planter is great for growing flowers, herbs, strawberries, succulents, peppers, and much much more in limited space.  20 planting locations per set.  With the flow through design you just need to water the top pot.    




  • (5) Planters

  • (1) 36" Optional Hanging Chain w/ Swivel For Easy Rotation

  • (1) Attaching Bottom Drip Tray For No Mess

  • (20) Growing Locations

Grow Tasty Strawberries, Fresh Herbs, Bountiful Flowers, Hot Peppers, Leafy Lettuce and much more in only one square foot of space


Hand Feeding Hydroponics/Soil Gardening
Mother's Day/Christmas/Education

Product Quality:  

Unlike other planters, Mr Stacky planters are made of 100% Pure food grade safe polypropylene (PP) to ensure that only PP and not any other plastics are mixed in. Other unknown plastics will be mixed in if we made the pots from recycled PP.  Although it is more expensive to produce the pots from pure 100% PP, it was important to us because we know many of our customers produce lots of food out of our pots.  If it's not Mr Stacky it's probably not pure PP.  

Hanging Instructions (if needed):

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