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DIY Vertical Gardening Planters (Singles)

DIY Vertical Gardening Planters

Learn how to garden effiencetly by saving space, time and using less water! Our DIY stackable planters make it easy to maintain a large garden in a small space. As far as planting goes it's just like planting any other planter except you stack'em after you finish. Watering one planter can take care of the 40+ plants below.

Stack 10 high and be amazed how much you can grow in such a small amount of space. Keep ground pests and weeds away. Save 85% water verses plants that are in the ground. The list of benefits goes on and on and on..... So don't dig up your entire backyard this year when a few stacks makes a whole lot more sense.

From home gardener to the commercial grower the Mr. Stacky pots fit about every application. Grow like a professional. For larger vegetables try the 18" planters; they are about 2.7 times this size.

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Minimum Purchase Quantity: 5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just plant each clover and Stack them up.
If you are using more than 5 in a stack you can use a garden stake or 3/4" for extra support and stack as high as you prefer.
Yes, just use a 3/4" conduit support pipe into the ground and use a wider diameter PVC to rest the pots on top. Raise the pots 1" to 24 inches off the ground. Customer preference. Or just stack them on the ground.
Most of our customers grow greens, herbs, succulents, strawberries and even beets in our smaller pots. Our larger pots are ideal for larger plants like tomatoes.

Customer Reviews

it was what expected.. They are great! Already growing stuff. Thanks for the prompt delivery

They are great! Already growing stuff - Ivonne Rodriguez

Mom loves these things! It's an extremely efficient use of space, inside or out. Would be great for apartment gardening.

Nice! - Omega Entity

Daughter wants to control and eat more organically grown food. Totally excited about being independent in growing her own herbs, veggies and fruits.

Conservative deep into being green and self-suffucuent. - Carole A Wilson

Mr. Stacky offers a good base for building either a simple soil vertical garden or a more sophisticated hydroponics garden.

Go for it - EZ Grows It

Excellent. 5 stars

Excellent - Michael S.

I like the quality of the product and that it will hold up under use. Some products are more of a Styrofoam product. There is plenty of room for the roots of the plant. Shipping and payment were effortless for me! Wonderful!

So excited to start planting! - L. Overholt

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